Dundee Comics Day 2011 – Other Voices

downthetubes has been reviewing the Dundee University comics events run by Dr Chris Murray for many years, long before they were labelled as the Dundee Comics Day, and those reviews were often the only independent record of those events. Indeed Dundee University regarded those reviews highly enough to link through to them from their own website. So it is good to see that this year’s Dundee Comics Day has generated many more reviews and comments than normal.

Laura Sneddon at Comic Book Resources provides a detailed review of the event talks with lots of quotes from the guests.

Ariadne Cass-Maran at Graphic Scotland reviews the event and points out the lack of female guests without actually suggesting any female creators that could have been invited. Indeed this is the first Dundee event for many years not to have any female guests who, in the past, have included The Beano’s Laura Howell, Vampire Academy’s Emma Vieceli, Manga Shakespeare’s Nana Li and Metaphrog’s Sandra Marrs as well as Northumbria University’s Dr Mel Gibson.

Rich Clements and Vicky Stonebridge of Inverness’ Hi-Ex comics convention show the sense of community that exists amongst comics fans in Scotland by giving DCD a glowing review on the Hi-Ex blog.

Gillian Hatcher of Team Girl Comic, who just might have managed a sneak preview of one of the runner-up entries in the Tartan Bucket Prize, enjoyed her day and hopefully made some useful contacts as well.

Writer and former Tharg David Bishop remembers John Wagner’s words of wisdom.

Artist Katie Morrison reviews the day with a good selection of photos.

And finally, a selection of people from the 2000AD Online forum discuss the day.

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