Millar and McCrea Create A Blue Peter Superhero

The creator of Kick-Ass and Wanted creating a comic strip for the BBC children’s programme Blue Peter?

As odd as it sounds writer Mark Millar visited the new Blue Peter studio in Manchester on 1 November along with STRIP Magazine artist John McCrea to talk about superhero comics and reveal the first page of a Blue Peter themed comic strip. Talking to presenter Barney Harwood, and with Blue Peter dog Barney dressed in a Superman style cape, the pair discussed superhero comics and introduced a one page comic strip written by Mark and illustrated by John.

The Curse Of Bad Peter shows Barney Harwood receive a summons via his Blue Peter badge which turns him into a superhero who has to battle Bad Peter at Manchester’s Arndale Centre. The strip is one page long with a second page ready for viewers to complete the story in any way they see fit.

And yes, both creators did receive a Blue Peter badge.

The Curse Of Bad Peter comic strip is available to download as a PDF from the Blue Peter website.

The episode of Blue Peter that Mark Millar and John McCrea appeared in is available for another week on the BBC iPlayer. They appear approximately 12 minutes into the programme.

The annual Blue Peter books used to run comic strips by Bleep and Booster creator Tim. There are more details of the comic strips in the Blue Peter books on Bear Alley.

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