Eagle Times Enters Its 24th Year Of Publication (Volume 24, Number One)

Eagle Times Volume 24 Number One - Cover

Eagle Times, the journal of the Eagle Society, reaches its 24th year of publication (Volume 24, Number One) with three articles on British artists – from original Eagle, cutaway artist Hubert Redmill and the rather better known Brian Lewis, plus from new Eagle, Dan Dare artist David Pugh.

Eagle‘s link with 1950s radio are covered with the beginning of a new text story adaptation of PC49’s radio adventure The Case of the Crying Clown and the transcription of one of the Radio Luxembourg’s Dan Dare episodes sponsored by Horlicks.

In addition to these, and showing that Eagle Times does not cover just Eagle comic, there are articles on the comic strips Gun Law from Express Weekly and Sammy In Space from Swift as well as a heavily illustrated piece entitled Ron Embleton’s Lovely Ladies ranging from the demure Maid Marion from Tell Me Why to the rather less demure Wicked Wanda and Candyfloss from Penthouse.

Spring 2011 Contents

  • PC49 in The Case of the Crying Clown – beginning a new text story adaptation from one of Alan Stranks’ famous BBC radio play police adventures
  • Spaceship Awaaaaaaaaay! – Eagle Times presents a transcript of one episode from a Dan Dare radio adventure serial, first broadcast in 1954 on Radio Luxembourg sponsored by Horlicks
  • In search of “Redmill” – a look at what is known of the life and work of Hubert Redmill, Eagle‘s sixth-most prolific Cutaway artist who, between 1952 to 1960 drew around 40 cutaway drawings for Eagle‘s centre pages.
  • The David Pugh ‘Dan Dare’ – the first part of an examination of the ‘Dan Dare’ stories drawn by one of the artists who took on the resurrected “original” Dan Dare in “new” Eagle 1989-1994
  • Rivals of Jeff Arnold – the sixth of the series takes a look at ‘Gun Law’, which started as an American radio series called ‘Gunsmoke’, became a long-running TV series shown initially in the UK as ‘Gun Law’, and then appeared as comic strips in Express Weekly and the Daily Express, drawn by Harry Bishop
  • Tomorrow Revisited – a review of Alastair Crompton’s recently published celebration of the life and works of ‘Dan Dare’ creator, Frank Hampson
  • The Life of Another Brian – part 2, recalling memories about illustrator Brian Lewis, who  drew ‘Home of the Wanderers’ and ‘Mann of Battle’ for Eagle in the 1960s
  • Yesterday rewritten – some personal recollections on the background to Alastair Crompton’s Tomorrow Revisited
  • Phonetic Phant – phantastically lighthearted wordplay, relating to Dan Dare’s enemies on Cryptos
  • PC49 on the stage – reproductions of advertisements for the visit of the stage production of PC49 to Manchester’s Hippodrome theatre, Ardwick Green, in April, 1950
  • Ron Embleton’s Lovely Ladies – an illustrated article covering the many glamorous female characters Ron Embleton created during his prolific career.
  • Sammy, Swift‘s Space Fleet Cadet: Stripography – part 1, summarising the Space Fleet stories that appeared in Eagle’s companion paper, drawn by ‘Dan Dare’ artists Desmond Walduck and Bruce Cornwell
  • Obituary of the renowned Spanish artist, Victor de la Fuente who contributed ‘Blackbow the Cheyenne’ and ‘Can You Catch a Crook?’ strips to Eagle in the early1960s.
  • Spotted in the Press – the story of a “real life Tintin” who may have inspired Hergé’s famous character (who was created in 1929 in Belgium, but appeared translated for the first time in English in Eagle in 1951-952).

Eagle Times Volume 24 Number 1 is 54 colour and B&W A4 pages. the magazine is published quarterly and the annual subscription for 2011 has been held at the 2010 rate of UK £23 and Overseas £34.

• There are more details of Eagle Times and the Eagle Society on the Eagle Times Blog.

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