Eagle Times Volume 21 Number 2 – Summer 2008

Eagle Times Volume 21 Issue 2 - Summer 2008

The latest issue of the Eagle Society‘s magazine Eagle Times (Volume 21 Number 2, Summer 2008) is now available by mail order.

The magazine includes features on the artists who worked on the “Riders of the Range” strip, a look at the second ‘dummy’ issue of Eagle – used to help sell the title before it launched – a tribute to Sir Arthur C. Clarke, a review of the 2008 Eagle Society Weekend and more.

The full contents are as follows

  • An EAGLE nobody knows – the dummy second issue
  • The many faces of Jeff Arnold – illustrators of Riders of the Range
  • Blackbow the Cheyenne – from Comet to Swift to EAGLE
  • Comics 101 – I was there (part 2)
  • Guy and John – wartime experiences of Guy (Edward Trice) Morgan and John Worsley
  • Never again will anyone envisage Man’s future like this – Frank Hampson’s vision
  • Arthur C. Clarke (1917 – 2008) – a personal tribute
  • EAGLE on the Web
  • Journey into Space: Frozen in Time – a review of Charles Chilton’s new BBC radio play
  • The Science Museum’s Dan Dare and the Birth of Hi-tech Britain exhibition reviewed
  • PC49 – The case of the Pink Panic (part 2)
  • A Dan Dare postscript to ‘An EAGLE nobody knows’
  • The 2008 Eagle Society Weekend – review and photographs
  • Great EAGLE O’er the Silvery Forth – a poetic tribute to the Eagle Society’s visit to Edinburgh (in the style of William McGonagall)

For more about Eagle Times visit the Eagle Society blog.

Membership of THE EAGLE SOCIETY is via Annual Subscription to EAGLE TIMES magazine, which is published four times annually.

Current Subscription rates are:
UK £22
Overseas £26
(in £s Sterling, please)

Please apply by snail mail to:
Keith Howard
25A Station Road
Harrow Middlesex
United Kingdom

Enquiries: eagle-times@hotmail.com

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