Effects director Shaun Whittacker-Cook interviewed in new Andersonic

Issue 11 of the ace Gerry Anderson fanzine Andersonic is now available via the publication’s website and features a new interview with former Century 21 SFX director Shaun Whittacker-Cook in which he discusses his time working at Century 21 on all the series from Thunderbirds up to UFO.

Shaun shares anecdotes of his time at the studio and reveals how certain sequences were created, his favourite effects shots and what it was really like trying to get a sofa on board Thunderbird 3 and make spinning UFOs fly!

Other features include an analysis of Starcruiser: ‘Run Robot Run’, a recently unearthed script for the Anderson TV series that never was; Gerry Anderson collectibles (and why they’re collected); a guide to the Space: 1999 episode ‘Force of Life’ in which Ian McShane catches a chill as Moonbase Alpha revisits Quatermass; a look at the South African puppet series Interster, which was influenced by Century 21; and Could You Fly a Thunderbird? – take a psychometric test and find out!

The new issue comprises 44 pages with colour inner & outer covers and is available via the website http://www.andersonic.co.uk/ – price £2.20 including UK postage. It will also be available from eBay for a limited period.

If you’d prefer to pay by cheque or PO, you can get in with Andersonic via their website for a postal address. Issues 4 to 10 are still available to buy from the website.

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