Esquire gets Bond exclusive – new interview with Daniel Craig

Esquire 43 (2015) - Daniel Craig

Men’s magazine Esquire has landed the first UK interview and photo shoot exclusive with actor Daniel Craig ahead of the release of SPECTRE, the new James Bond film.

It’s is the second time Esquire has scooped its competitors to the UK James Bond exclusive, following the magazine’s Skyfall cover in 2012.

Daniel Craig reflects on a decade in which he has redefined the once cartoonish secret agent he helped transform as a symbol of masculinity for the modern age in the interview: embattled, conflicted, but still standing, still ready to take on the world.

SPECTRE is, says Craig “a celebration of all that’s Bond”. There is a new supercar, the Aston Martin DB10. There are beautiful women and signature set pieces: a thrilling opening in Mexico City; a car chase through Rome; action sequences in the Austrian Alps, in Tangier and in London. There’s a thuggish henchman (the first of Craig-era Bond) played by the former wrestler Dave Bautista. And there’s an evil megalomaniac, played by the great Christoph Waltz, devilish star of Quentin Tarantino’s Inglourious Basterds and Django Unchained.

“I’m a huge Bond fan,” he says. “I love James Bond movies, and I love all the old gags and everything that goes along with that. No disrespect to what happened before but this is completely different. It’s got weight and meaning. Because I don’t know another way to do it. However big and grand it is, however boisterous the script is, you look for the truth in it, and you stick to that, and then you can mess around with it. And if you have that and you have the car chases and the explosions as well, then you’re quids in. But there have to be consequences. He has to be affected by what happens to him. It’s not just that he has to kill the bad guy, there has to be a reason for it.”

Esquire Editor-in-Chief Alex Bilmes says of the exclusive: “The Bond cover is the greatest prize in men’s magazines, and Esquire has made it its own. Just as James Bond chooses Aston Martin for his wheels, Omega for his watchwear and Belvedere vodka for his martini, I am flattered that he continues to choose Esquire for his men’s magazine.”

“This is not the first time Daniel Craig has appeared on the cover of Esquire, he notes. “In fact, since that 2011 reboot, this is his third appearance. The last time was in the autumn of 2012 when he was promoting Skyfall, his third film as James Bond, which went on to gross more than $1bn worldwide, almost double the best of any previous Bond, and become the most successful film of any kind to date at the British box office.”

• More from the interview online at Esquire. The October issue is out in newsagents now, or subscribe online.

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