First Gerry Anderson’s Retro Collector Action Figures from Big Chief Studios new “Anderson Collection” revealed

Now available to pre-order from the Official Gerry Anderson Store, individually or as a set, is the first wave of figures in the Anderson Collection from Big Chief Studios.

Anderson Collection - Collection One - Big Chief Studios (3.75 inch figures, 2023)

Intended as a collection of all your favourite heroes and villains, priced at just £14.99 each, the 3.75 inch scale figures will come packaged in a nostalgic format, featuring gorgeous artwork – and are made for fans to build their own collection.

There are six figures in Collection One, with even more figures on the way in the future, the first wave comprising Stingray’s Troy Tempest, Thunderbirds Scott Tracy, Captain Scarlet, Joe 90, Ed Straker from UFO and John Koenig from Space:1999 – with more to come.

Each figure sports five points of jointed articulation, authentic character likenesses and detailed costumes.

Buy one, or buy them all, the choice is yours. But who are you hoping gets made?

Pre-order your Retro Collector Action Figures – Big Chief Studios Anderson Collection here | Expected to dispatch mid-2023

Troy Tempest – W.A.S.P. Agent / Captain of Stingray
Scott Tracy – International Rescue / Thunderbird 1 Pilot
Captain Scarlet – SPECTRUM Agent
Joe McClaine – W.I.N. Agent
Ed Straker – S.H.A.D.O. Commander in Chief
John Koenig – Commander Moonbase Alpha

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