Fringeworks releases Chrissie Harper’s “Hard Luck City”

Hard Luck City

British publisher Fringeworks has just released Hard Luck City – a mixture of prose and comics that introduces a new world of characters and ideas that addresses human themes along with the supernatural.

The book Written by Chrissie Harper and illustrated by Shane Foley and Chrissie, launches Speculicious, the company’s creator-owned imprint.

The book’s was done especially by the late Gene Colan (Iron Man, Tomb of Dracula etc) back in 2006.

Part-comic, part narrative, Hard Luck City straddles a fine line that sits between urban fantasy, paranormal romance and seventies horror.

“Less a place and more a state of existence,” is how Hard Luck City itself is described. “One step beyond reality lies Limbo, the first circle of hell.”

It’s a place everyone’s been to, one way or another. Andrew Deacon found his Hard Luck City through tampering with the forces of the Unknown back in 1808. Sapphire McKenna’s whole life, in the present day, is a Hard Luck City amidst divorcing parents.

With a nod to HP Lovecraft (the Necronomicon makes a guest appearance), the story moves between traditional gothic horror and modern urban fantasy.

Founded in 2011, Fringeworks is an independent publisher and consultancy based in the UK. They aim to bring a new perspective to the publishing industry, bringing their followers entertaining, high quality books supported by a complementary range of consultancy services.

Speculicious will be bringing some exciting new author and auteur creations to market in the coming months, including Only Soaring by Jacey Bedford, From the Depths by Lawrence Dagstine and Bob Veon, A Taste of Lightning by Damon Cavalchini and Blood is Thicker by Stewart Hotson.

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