FutureQuake blasts out three ace new editions

FutureQuake Issue 23

Three fantastic new indie titles are on sale now from FutureQuake Press – including Issue 23 of the brilliant anthology FutureQuake, wrapped in a superb Elvis-inspired cover by Kev Levell.

There’s a host of both well known and lesser-known names who have stories in these three new titles, including Richmond Clements, Ollie Masters, Nigel Dobbyn and Lee Robson. Well worth checking out.

FutureQuake is the multiple Eagle Award nominated flagship title for FutureQuake Press and still the finest Science Fiction anthology comic currently produced by Britain’s small comic press, featuring no less than 11 stories this issue…

  • A Soldiers Guilt by Ollie Masters and Dan Cornwell
  • Apocalypse Now Or Never by Jimmy Furlong and Andrew Hartmann
  • Future Organic by Chris Redfern and Darren Mullen
  • Interpretations by Paul Penna and Jim Lavery
  • Invasion by Writer Jon Hayes and Alex Paterson
  • Living The Dream by Ryan Hickling and Alex Paterson
  • Out Of Time by Christopher Sides and Simon Bennett Hayes
  • Palindrome by Kirill Chernov
  • Perks Of The Job by  Robert Lefebvre and Dan Cornwell
  • Planet 5379 open for business by Ricky-Marcel Pitcher and James Evans
  • Ratings by Chris Boette and Paul McCallan

Still only £3.50

Also available now are the latest issue of Dogbreath, inspired by the world of 2000AD’s Strontium Dog, and Zarjaz, the ace Judge Dredd saturated ‘zine.

Dogbreath Issue 27

Dogbreath, the longest running 2000AD fanzine, celebrates its 27th issue with an astounding cover by Ben Willsher. Inside, Dr Bob gives you more files just released from the GCC.

  • Durham Red – Neon Nights by Lee Robson and Artist Bolt-01
  • Maeve the Many Armed – One Woman Army by Richmond Clements and Nigel Dobbyn
  • STRONTIUM DOG – Malak’s Brood by Shaun Avery and John Hutcheson
  • STRONTIUM DOG – The Gilpin Extraction by Richmond Clements and Bruce McLaren
  • STRONTIUM DOG – All That I Have by Shaun Avery and David Broughton
  • STRONTIUM DOG – Apocalypse Then by Richmond Clements and Bolt-01
  • STRONTIUM DOG – Special by Kehaar and Artist Stevie Denyer

Also included are the features “Case File 30 – The Rammy’ by Writer Leigh Shepherd and an ace illustration of Johnny Alpha by Artist Graeme Neil Reid

Still only £3.00

Zarjaz 18

Behind a cover by Ben Willsher, Peeps the droid brings more thrills lifted from the thought processes of the Mighty One Himself in Zarjaz 18, a summer Dreddworld special.

  • JUDGE DREDD – A Helping Hand by Richard McAuliffe and Tom Berry
  • JUDGE DREDD – Barely Legal by Andrew Williams and Daniel Bell
  • JUDGE DREDD – Jurassic Farce by Lee Robson and Stewart Moore
  • JUDGE DREDD – Mans Greatest Achievement by Karl Stock and Jared Souza
  • JUDGE DREDD – Masqueraid of Death by Andi Ewington and Kev Crossley
  • Max Normal – The Comeback King by Mark Howard and John Cahill
  • Judge Rico – Cursed Earth Patrol by Richmond Clements and Jake Lynch
  • TOM-C1 – Baby Jays by Alistair Mclean & Richard Swabey, drawn by David Broughton

Still only £3.00! You don’t deserve it.

All titles available from: www.futurequake.co.uk/shop.php

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