Glasgow ComicCon continues to grow


Glasgow ComicCon 2014

Photo courtesy Ian Sharman

With the passing of the fourth Glasgow ComicCon, it’s gratifying to see that this convention continues to build on previous year’s successes.

With the release of the ComicCon from the Contemporary Centre of Arts, this year’s event spread to include The Art School and the Renfield Centre and allowed a more intelligent distribution of traders, small press and guests.

A perfect example of this was the main retailer area in the CCA. Last year, it was a mix of traders and signings with neither party getting a good deal as too many people were squeezing into too small an area. This year, it was retailers only and was passed through with the minimum of hassle making it much more pleasant for those of us parting with our hard earned pennies.

And with the increase of venue space, it allows a smoother passage for all to get to that one trader who has that 52 Variant that you so desperately want. Or even better to get to the artist/writer you eagerly wish to get autographs, sketches or commissions from.

And there was plenty of talented people you would want to meet. Our contingent from the other side of the Atlantic were Gail Simone , Erik Larsen and Howard Chaykin. Add to that Colin MacNeil, Rufus Dayglo, John Wagner, Alan Grant and Tanya Roberts to name but a few and you get the idea that the extra space was needed for those that were after autographs and sketches.

There were also exclusives for those on the lookout with John Ferguson bringing taster pages for Saltire: Annihilation and the announcement of Lonesome Truckers in Space by Wagner, Grant & Ezquerra published by Black Hearted Press. With credits like that, it’s already on my to buy list.

Small Press at Glasgow Comic Con 2014

Small Press at Glasgow Comic Con 2014. Photo courtesy Ian Sharman

Not forgetting the small press representatives, who I have got to say continue to lift their standards year after year. I know that many work hard to break even. And I continue to be surprised by how many make any money on these comics. The production values of today are light years away beyond those fanzines labouriously typed out before being photocopied to death and sent out in what must have been back-breaking mailshots.

Highlights for me were the plethora of comic themed accessories that were sported to declare our love for the medium. And the Kate Charlesworth’s Four Marys exclusive print had me laughing out loud, but I won’t spoil that one for you.

All in all, a very good for value convention that proves that there are good years ahead.

Photos courtesy and © 2014 Ian Sharman, writer and artist

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