Hi-Ex in the Highlands: First Report

Over on the Forbidden International blog, Joe Gordon has posted one of the first reports on Hi-Ex, the first major comics convention staged in Inverness held this weekend. Guests included Gary Erskine, John Higgins, Colin MacNeil and many others, and downthetubes contributor Jeremy Briggs was at the event so we hope he’ll give us his insights soon (unless he’s been eaten by reindeer or escaped wolves or something on his way back from the Highlands).

“I asked [the creators and stall holders] how their experience [of the con] had been and had it been worth the trip?” Joe reports. “They all responded in the affirmative – they had all been enjoying the con and, yes, it had been worth it both in terms of exposure and financially (FutureQuake’s Dave happily reported that decent sales meant he would indeed be eating this evening and not trying to pull raw fish from the nearby river like some comics geek Gollum), while Graeme had actually sold out of some of his titles he had brought up.

“Note to some of the other folks in the Brit comics community who were wondering if Inverness was worth adding to their list of cons to try attending – that looks like a big yes from where I am standing and from some of the small press folks who came along, so if you are reading this and wondering if you should think about attending any future one, drop the boys a line and ask them how it went for them.”

• Check the FPI Flickr stream for photos of the Hi-Ex convention weekend starting here
Read another review of Hi-Ex on Hi-Arts by comics neophyte Georgina Coburn

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