How to make yourself really popular in Starbucks

Sometimes technology people come up with ideas that sound great on paper but in real life – and in the case of this bright idea from Apple, especially in queue-conscious Britain – they’re likely to cause a riot.

Last month, Apple (makers of the iphone and Mac computers) applied for a patent for a system that would allow customers to place coffee, fast food or merchandise orders from a wireless device, then jump in front of those ordering in person when picking up their order.

You can just imagine how this will go down here. As someone who seems to end up regularly spending ages in post office lines at lunch time waiting for three counter staff when there are eight windows, the idea that someone could jump that line because they have a posh phone rather makes my blood boil.

I am now awaiting the first “iphone rage” news report… I’m sure it won’t be long coming.

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