Hugo Pratt “Corto Maltese” rubs shoulders with Billy Bunter in latest Catawiki International Original Comic Art Auction

This week’s Catawiki International Original Comic Art Auction closes at 7.00pm today (Thursday 14th October 2021) and, as usual, includes several items created for British comics and newspaper strips.

European artists are also well represented, and, unsurprisingly, there’s a lot of bidding on some “Corto Maltese” work by Hugo Pratt.

"La Jeunesse de Corto Maltese" by Hugo Pratt (1981)
“La Jeunesse de Corto Maltese” by Hugo Pratt (1981). these two strips are featured on the back cover of the Casterman edition of the story, in colour, published in 1983, with the corresponding album in colours also included in this lot

According to the lot description, a “Nude Study” of Modesty Blaise by series artist Neville Colvin was one of the character studies he presented to writer Peter O’Donnell, author of the stories and strips, when he took over as artist on the strip in 1980, going on to draw 16 stories. We’ll spare blushes and include only part of the art here.

A clip from “Nude Study” of Modesty Blaise by series artist Neville Colvin

This auction wouldn’t be the same without some “Robot Archie” art, and on offer is a page from the 1966 story featured in Lion, “The Giant Scorpion”. Ted Kearon’s art is, as ever, incredibly detailed, his faces even for supporting characters, simply beautiful.

Robot Archie - The Giant Scorpion (1966) - art by Ted Kearon

A double-page “Billy Bunter” by the brilliant Reg Parlett is also offered this week, featured in the 29th March 1969 cover dated issue of Valiant. Obviously, it’s a product of a bygone age where corporal punishment was considered acceptable. That said, there’s a fantastic energy to the pages, Parlett’s work, as ever, a delight.

Billy Bunter by Reg Parlett - Valiant cover dated 29th March 1969

Finally, how about some “Modesty Blaise” strip by the legendary Jim Holdaway? On offer this auction is an episode from the 1969 story “Takeover”, offered with a copy of the absolutely brilliant recent illustrators Special offering a great profile of the artist.

The strip features members of the Cosa Nostra asking how Modesty and Willie Garvin would like to die… Willie’s sense of humour shocks the gangsters

Modesty Blaise by Jim Holdaway - Takeover (ID 2009) (1969)

The full catalogue is here – bidding closes at 7.00pm tonight, Thursday 14th October 2021

Be aware that selling and buying objects to or from the UK is now affected by changes related to the UK’s departure from the EU. Catawiki highlights items on offer from European sellers on its site, which will incur additional delivery costs. More information here

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