In Memoriam: Bryan Pearce

A painting of St. Ives Church by Bryan PearceI was very sorry to hear about the passing of artist Bryan Pearce, who died 11 January.

My late father was the vicar of St. Ives Parish Church in the 1970s and I recall meeting Bryan as a child on several church occasions and greeting him at our door when he occasionally arrived unannounced, as was his want.

Bryan suffered from a rare inherited condition, phenylketonuria, which severely limited his learning and communication abilities but this did not prevent him from a living a full life and his paintings and drawings are world renowned reflecting what one commentator called “a natural innocence and delight of a man who has found relief and rehabilitation through painting.”

He was a remarkable figure and his art an inspiration, that anyone can be creative against all odds.

The official Bryan Pearce website is at: and the St. Ives Lemon Gallery also has paintings by Bryan on its web site, a celebration of his 75th birthday two year ago.

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