International comics climate change project Anthropocene gathers pace, organised by Sicily-based Fumettomania Factory

The international, multidisciplinary, artistic, educational and cultural Anthropocene art project is expanding fast, with some 40 writers and artists now involved. There’s still time for many more to be involved.

As we reported earlier this year, Anthropocene is Sicily’s cultural association Fumettomania Factory response to the climate emergency, joining the international call to raise awareness of the issue. It is currently devoting its creative energies to supporting the call to save the planet for future generations – a call no doubt lent much weight as temperatures hit record levels in Europe on the island this week, just one aspect of deadly climate change.

Back in September 2019, they initiated the Anthropocene project, also known as We Could Save our Planet. It’s aimed primarily at schools, with activities largely intended to take place in the 2021/2022 academic year, dependent in part on the impact the Pandemic may still have.

The principal aim of the project is to raise awareness and knowledge about environmental issues in young pupils, educating them to use their knowledge to make their lifestyle eco-friendly, reduce the costs of environmental campaigns and find innovative solutions to these problems.

Just some of the many creators now involved in Fumettomania Factory’s Anthropocene project addressing climate change

Responding quickly to Fumettomania Factory’s initial appeal to participate, over 40 comic creators are now involved, including artists such as Britain’s Bryan Talbot, Scott Hampton, from the United States, Jok Coglitore, from Argentina, Italian artists Roberta Sakka, Lelio Bonaccorso, Pietro Vanessi, Anna Leotta), Maria Celeste Arena, Antonino Barreca, along with several young Italian artists who collaborate with Il Foglio Letterario Editions.

Writers involved include Mary Talbot, and Italians Marco Sonseri, Sergio Rossi, Dario Janese, Donatella Manna, and three to four other young writers.

Fumettomania Factory are also working with several Italian cultural associations on Anthropocene, such as Scuola del Fumetto di Milano (Milan’s School of Comics) and the Fondazione Franco Fossati (Franco Fossati Foundation), and international organisations, too, including the Lakes International Comic Art Festival here in the UK.

Work continues apace on the opening of a temporary art gallery and exhibition of work in Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto, in Messina, Sicily, from 24th October to 21st November 2021, accompanying professionally-realised illustrations and comics stories with those from students of primary and secondary schools who have taken part in the project.

Subject to Pandemic restrictions being lifted later this year, the Association will also be inviting some of the creators who have taken part in the project for meetings and presentations of their books or graphic novels, during a month devoted to reading organised in Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto (Messina, Sicily, Italy), that it’s hoped will take place from 24th October to 21st November 2021.

The Fumettomania Factory Association is also looking to offer a travelling exhibition of works selected to venues across the globe, aiming to stir debate on matters such as climate change, environmental pollution, global warming, endangered flora and fauna, illegal wild animal trade, ocean pollution and more.

A book collecting exhibited work will also be published, subject to financing being available.

Creators who want to participate should create can submit illustrations or brief stories, essays or articles, either digitally or on paper, addressing current concerns such as climate change, environmental pollution, global warming, endangered flora and fauna, illegal wild animal trade, ocean pollution and so on.

The Fumettomania Factory Association’s work mirrors that of other comics projects internationally, such as 10 Years to Save the World, supported by the British Council, and the #RewritingExtinction project co-ordinated by Paul Goodenough, involving celebrities, environmentalists and comic creators and using comics to raise monies for various environmental projects around the globe. All these projects are in communication with each other, and various international comic organisations, to help bolster publicity for the vital work.

For full information on how to take part, and deadlines to submit later in 2021, visit this page on the Fumettomania Factory web site (in Italian)

The next deadline to take part in Anthropocene 31st August 2021 (second), and a third, for exhibitions next year, of 30th November 2021, and a fourth of 31st March 2022

After joining the project, each creator will receive a subsequent dossier with a series of useful links.

You can read the latest update on the Anthropocene project here on the Fumettomania Factory Association web site (in Italian)

• The first exhibition will take place at Barcelona Pozzo di Gotto, 24th October – 21st November 2021 (provisional date, depending on the health emergency), followed by exhibitions in other Italian cities through 2022, and internationally

• For more information on the comic creators involved so far in this project visit this page on the Fumettomania Factory web site

Check out the Anthropocene film project at

Fumettomania Association Facebook Page

Fumettomania Web Magazine


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