Iron Man Art Auction to help Gene Colan

Top British comics artist Jon Haward has pitched in on efforts to raise money to help veteran comics artist Gene Colan who is very ill and has no medical insurance (see news story).

Up for sale via eBay are the pencils for the cover of Panini UK’s Marvel Pocket Book Invincible Iron Man Volume 1: The Tragedy and the Triumph. The title has just been published in the UK.

There are only three days left to bid on the cover and Jon, who cites Gene Colan as one of his all time favourite artists, hopes the art will raise a good sum for this very worthy cause.

Click here to bid on the cover on eBay

Auction organiser Clifford Meth also has several other piece of art on offer to help raise money for Gene, which currently include an unpublished page of Gene Colan art inked by Neal Adams, a page of Superman art by Ernie Chan, plus work by Walt Simonson and more.

Click here to see all the current auction items on ebay

For more information on this auction and Gene Colan visit

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