Johnston Announces new Comic Comment Site

Lying in the Gutters columnist Rich Johnston has posted his final column for Comic Book Resources this week, but he isn’t finished with the industry, because he’s about to launch a whole web site devoted to comics comment. The site, Bleeding Cool, will launch on 1st June.

“A good gossipmonger never dies,” says Rich over on Warren Ellis’ Whitechapel site today. “He just goes from a weekly column to a daily blogsite.

Bleeding Cool will feature everything you love and hate about Lying In The Gutters, but every day, reacting to topical news and featuring a host of columns, features, interviews, reviews, previews and… let’s go with familiar names. Expect real innovation.”

The site is funded by Avatar Press, who have promised a hands-off editorial process, but whom Rich says he’ll give an Avatar Plug Of The Week to to keep them happy. It will also feature other contributors, including Warren Ellis.


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