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You can keep your Grand Theft Auto, people. Stargate Worlds, the massively multiplayer online role playing game from new publisher FireSky, is now taking registrations for closed beta at

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The closed beta is an invitation-only test of the upcoming science fiction MMORPG and invitations will be sent out this spring and summer as the design team ramps up the numbers for testing.

The select group of beta testers will provide feedback to the development team about their game experience while also providing vital insight into the performance of the servers. The closed beta will begin with a small core of gamers and gradually expand as more functionality is added. Beta testers will experience Stargate Worlds alongside the developers who also will be playing the game.

“A game is nothing without players. We’re fired up to finally get our game in the hands of the community,” said Dan Elggren, Stargate Worlds studio head. “We’re at the point where we need external testers to take Stargate Worlds to the finish line. Our devoted fans have helped guide us for more than two years through our forums. Together, we’re going to craft a balanced, polished, and most of all, fun game.”

Testers will be the first to step through the Stargate for a super-sized sci-fi adventure, to test characters use of weapons, explore dozens of worlds from ancient civilizations to high tech planets and solve the mysteries conjured by a galaxy-spanning story based on the award-winning Stargate television series.

Stargate Worlds is scheduled for launch in the winter of 2008.

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