Daily Mirror’s Jane on DVD

One of the more obscure titles in our British Comics on Film list has just been released on DVD.

Odeon Entertainment have released the 1949 B-movie The Adventures of Jane which is based on the Daily Mirror ‘s Jane comic strip. The film stars Christabel Leighton-Porter, the model that artist Norman Pett used as the basis for Jane in his drawings, and who also features in Andy Saunder’s factual book, Jane A Pin-Up At War. The DVD also includes the police thriller Murder at 3AM.

Anyone concerned, or alternatively gleeful, at the thought of seeing Jane/Christabel “in all her glory” should be aware that the nearly 60 year old movie only carries a PG certificate.

Buy The Adventures of Jane from amazon.co.uk
Buy the book Jane: A Pin-Up At War from amazon.co.uk

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