Worlds Collide! The Beano and Star Wars

Star Wars actor and comic creator Mark Hamill is probably one of the best known BEANO fans, first discovering the weekly comic back in the 1970s, while filming the original trilogy in the UK, and joining The Dennis the Menace Fan Club in 1979.

Mark Hamill in 2016 | Via Twitter/X

Back in 2018, Beano boss Mike Stirling recounted to the Scottish Sun how, when Mark was was filming scenes for The Empire Strikes Back in Britain, he phoned the Beano office and asked the editor, Harold Cramond, if he could join the fan club.

“He didn’t know who he was and had never watched Star Wars,” Stirling told the paper. Mark was told he had to send a postal order for 30p, just like any other fan of the comic.

“Poor Mark didn’t even know what a postal order was,” Mike noted. “But not only did he actually do it, he was so enthused that he sent in a wee polaroid picture reading it with his son Nathan who was born in the UK at the same time he was filming it.”

The photo was published for the first time in a Star Wars-themed BEANO No. 3813, cover dated 5th December 2015, still available as a digital edition.

The Beano, of course, has regularly spoofed Star Wars, as well as making the most of one of their celebrity fans! Mark’s membership of The Dennis the Menace Fan Club was highlighted, for example, in the 1982 Beano annual, to encourage more members…

A Dennis the Menace Fan Club promotion from The Beano annual 1982
A typical Star Wars spoof, from the Beano

Mark’s letter applying for membership of the Fan Club was published in The Beano No. 2275, cover dated 22nd February 1986, and Mark himself reimagined his earlier photo of him reading the comic in a post to Twitter in 2016.

The Beano isn’t Mark’s only comic connected, of course. He wrote the adventure comic The Black Pearl, published by Dark Horse.

Earlier this month, we reported that Beano Studios had announced the launch of a new official Beano Fan Club, and there’s a smashing package of goodies to be had, including a Beano Fan Club wallet that echoes earlier clubs created around the weekly humour comic, and discounted purchase of upcoming Beano specials and next year’s annual.

To find out more about the new BEANO Fan Club and join today, head to the official BEANO shop

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  1. Quite often in Beano they do star wars / sci fi stuff and it’s always really good.

    The book “Dennis in Star Paws: The Rise of Minnie ” was great too 🙂

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