Latest EAGLE Times spotlights Classics Illustrated, an American Dan Dare, and more

EAGLE Times Volume 36 No. 4 - Cover

Its cover bedecked in Christmas decorations, the final EAGLE Times of 2023, the journal of the Eagle Society, is available now on subscription.

While the fanzine’s focus remains the original EAGLE, the title has expanded its remit down the years, and this issue is no exception, leading with an introductory article to Classics Illustrated series, written by Kevin O’Donnell.

My first encounter with this title was in the early 1970s, on holiday with family friends in Kent, a huge box full of back issues that was my first introduction to classic fiction by the likes of authors such as Charles Dickens, Jules Verne and HG Wells and more, some of which I would later read in their original form. For me, they offered a fantastic gateway to classic fiction, and Kevin’s article stirred memories of a couple rainy days, many years ago.

EAGLE Times Volume 36 No. 4 - Classics Illustrated

If you remember them too, you’re probably already aware CCS Books, the worldwide exclusive publishers of the Classics Illustrated comic book series in English, have been publishing refreshed versions of this well-loved comic book collection for over ten years, providing wonderful, high quality reproductions of the heritage comic line. They also carry plenty of back issues of the original editions.

Also in this issue is the final part of Steve Winders’ reviews of the “Luck of the Legion” novels, and a smashing item by David Britton on the first Dan Dare, a superhero American detective, published by Fawcett Publications, now owned by DC Comics. (There’s no evidence to suggest the creators of Eagle’s space hero were familiar with the character, and there are no similarities between the two).

EAGLE Times Volume 36 No. 4 - American Dan Dare

A welcome addition to the A4 fanzine’s line up is a new series about the great illustrators of the 1950s by Adam Goodman, starting with the legendary and hugely influential American comic artist Milton Caniff, perhaps best known for the US newspaper strips, “Terry and the Pirates” and “Steve Canyon”. This is a great addition to EAGLE Times mix, especially as we know Dan Dare creator Frank Hampson was one of the artists Caniff influenced.

Also in this issue is an excellent article about the 1960 – 62 Eagle strip, “Knights of the Road”, by Jim Duckett, , and an item by Harry Royle about the actress Shirley Cain, whose early career was featured in Girl Annual; and a feature from Peter Barr on cricketer Patsy Hendren, a significant contributor to the early EAGLE.

Rounding the issue off, we’re also treated to a one off Christmas story, “The Case of the Christmas Naughty List”, starring Archie Berkeley-Willoughby of Scotland Yard, by Steve Winders. I do hope that at some point Steve considers offering these tales in a collection.

As I’ve said previously, if you’re a fan of the original Eagle, both Eagle Times and the Society blog are excellent companions to the title, and my thanks once again to the team for this latest issue.

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