Latest Eagle Times travels well with Dan Dare, Marco Polo, Pogo and more

The latest issue of the Eagle Society magazine Eagle Times (Volume 32 No. 2 -Summer 2019) is now available and offers another great mix of articles on both Eagle and other comics, not only offering further insight into the Eagle strip “The Travels of Marco Polo” by Chad Varah, Frank Bellamy and Peter Jackson, but this time dipping its toes into the history a great comic strip from across the Atlantic – “Pogo” by Walt Kelly.

Eagle Times (Volume 32 No. 2 -Summer 2019) - Cover

First published in 1941 (for issue #1 of Dell’s Animal Comics in the story “Albert Takes the Cake”), at its peak Walt Kelly’s “Pogo” appeared in nearly 500 papers in 14 countries, and sold close to 300 million copies of books about Pogo and his friends. Kelly died in 1973 and his widow, Selby, continued the internationally syndicated comic strip until July, 1975. Eric Fernie tales a look at the the strip, its characters and themes in a fascinating article, drawing on two early books, Pogo, published in 1949, and The Pogo Papers, published in 1953.

Eagle Times (Volume 32 No. 2 -Summer 2019) - Pogo

Alongside this, we get a fascinating insight into just ow much work went into designing the worlds of Dan Dare for Eagle with a look at some of what remains of the Dan Dare Studios Ideas Book. It’s incredible even now to see just how much work went into a character or vehicle design that might eventually appear in just one or two panels – an indication of the attention to detail the team put into the original strip.

Eagle Times (Volume 32 No. 2 -Summer 2019) - Ideas Book

However, I think my favourite feature this issue has to be a transcript of Steve Winders talk at the recent Eagle Society dinner in Dundee, which jabs some wonderful sticks into the “joys” or travel, that seems so easy in comics such as Eagle or Tintin, but never in real life. The links to comics are a little tenuous, but it made me laugh!

Eagle Times (Volume 32 No. 2 -Summer 2019) - Come Fly With Me

Running to 48 pages, Eagle Times Volume 32 No. 2 also features “Charles Chilton and the Indian Wars” (part five) by David Britton; “The Travels of Marco Polo” (part two) by Steve Winders; “The Case of the Counterfeit Constable” (part two), continuing Steve Winders’ latest Archie Willoughby adventure; “In and Out of the EAGLE” by Jim Duckett, looking at Eagle reprints in book; a tribute to much-missed Eagle Society member Chris Abbott, a former member of the Eagle Times editorial team who died in March; and a great report on the Eagle Society Gathering in Dundee by Reg Hoare.

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