Latest Lakes International Comic Art Festival podcast spotlights Awesome Comics Podcast and Macc-Pow

The fabulous Awesome Comics Podcast turned the spotlight on the Lakes International Comic Art Festival podcast recently, so it’s no surprise the Kendal-based audio adventurers have returned the favour!

Interviewed for Episode 22 are artist and writer Vince Hunt, creator of The Red Mask from Mars, and writer and reviewer Tony Esmond (whose work features on both downthetubes and his own adult-leaning site Never Iron Anything).

They talk candidly about how the podcast came to be, and the brilliant new Awesome Comic, an anthology of stories created with the third host of the podcast Dan Butcher and artist Nick Prolix, and the ideas behind it.

Hosts Ian and Nikki also review the comic and give their thoughts on it, as well as reviewing the awesome Kill or Be Killed Volume Three and Artist Angst, a series of short funny stories about creating comics, created by Kev Brett.

Also in focus is the upcoming comic con Macc Pow run by Marc Jackson which will be held in Macclesfield on 23rd June 2018.

There’s also a look at all things romabpnce as as podcaster Mike examines comic characters love stories across the whole comic world, while Pete Taylor takes an episode off as he is busy working away on his comic Copperopolis.

Books reviewed this episode are The Awesome Comic issue one by Vince Hunt, Dan Butcher, Tony Ezmond & Nick Prolix; Artist Angst by Kev Brett; and Kill or Be Killed Volume 3 by Ed Brubaker, Sean Phillips & Elizabeth Breitweiser.

Listen to the podcast here on the the Lakes International Comic Art Festival podcast website

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