Lakes International Comic Art Festival Podcast lands exclusive interview with “Sweet Tooth”creator Jeff Lemire

Lakes International Comic Art Festival Podcast Episode 95 - Jeff Lemire

The team at the Lakes International Comic Art Festival Podcast have landed a great interview with comic creator Jeff Lemire, the man who brought us Sweet Tooth, on their latest episode.

Jeff who, due to filming commitments, will this year be a virtual guest of the Festival in Kendal in October, has written some amazing books including Underwater Welder, Sweet Tooth and more. Streaming service Netflix has now adapted Sweet Tooth into a full series, produced by Robert Downey Jr.

Sweet Tooth by Jeff Lemire

Jeff talks to the Festival Podcast team led by Ian Loxam and Nicole Bates about his life in comics, goes in depth on a few of his titles and discusses the new TV series, too.

The Festival is hoping Jeff will be able to be at their 2022 event in person.

In this episode’s review section, hear some thoughts on Coma by Zara Slattery and Mukbang by Matt Simmons.

In May 2013 Zara Slattery’s persistent sore throat turned into a deadly bacterial infection, after the paracetamol and ice pack prescribed by her GP failed to work.

The world of Zara’s 15-day drug-induced coma, which she describes as ‘being trapped in a nightmare state that you can’t wake up from’ is rendered as a full-colour fantasy, with mythological creatures appearing out of nowhere as she battles to protect her three children against the forces of evil that threaten to engulf her. Meanwhile, her husband Dan tries to keep family life going as he faces the most difficult task of all: preparing the children for the likely loss of their mother. His diary, and that of the nurses in the Intensive Care Unit, who kept of record of Zara’s illness, interweave to make a heartbreaking graphic memoir. 

An extract from COMA was shortlisted for the Myriad First Graphic Novel Competition 2018 and longlisted for the Laydeez Do Comics Awards 2019.

Mukbang by Matt Simmons

Mukbang is a sci-fi comedy comic that brings together a group of friends for a night of carefree fun and excess. “A simple story, woven around the concept I Simmons originally had when I started making this comic,” says Matt, “every page has to feature some visual hook that would theoretically catch my eye during a casual flip through at the comic shop, ranging from the subtle, to the obvious, to the obscene!

Obviously, since “a casual flip through at a comic shop” isn’t as easy as it was last year, you can head over to Matt’s Twitter page @sheriffFreak and check out his pinned tweet thread, to have a glance at every page, laid out, minus a few text boxes. Be careful not to look too hard and spoil it for yourself, but hopefully you’ll see something that will make you go “I’ll take a chance on this!”

Yakapedia’s back, too, with Mike Williams talking abut US Presidential appearances in Marvel Comics and Pete Taylor gives us a short profile on cartoonist Leonard Starr.

There is, unfortunately, a sting in the tale of this great episode.

“Sadly, Tom Stewart has decided to step down as contributor to the show,” says Ian. “We thank him for all his hard work – and please ensure you check him out on That Comic Smell podcast.”

Check out the Lakes International Comic Art Festival Podcast Episode 95 with Jeff Lemire here

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