London’s Birbeck college announces new comic courses

(With thanks to Norman Boyd): New certificate level comics courses are starting at Birkbeck, University of London from this autumn.

Comics, Comix and Graphic Novels: Introduction

This module introduces you to a range of comics in a variety of forms and invites you to consider ways of understanding and evaluating them in their historical, cultural and generic contexts. We will trace a chronological trajectory from nineteenth-century newspaper strips, through the birth of the superhero, via the subversive iconography of the sixties undergrounds, onto the rise of the graphic novel and beyond. Focusing predominantly on Anglo-American comics, we will also consider the influence of other national traditions, principally francophone bande dessinée and Japanese manga. You will be encouraged to develop an understanding of comics in various forms and to situate them in their relevant contexts.

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Comics, Comix and Graphic Novels: Approaches

This module closely examines the relevant contexts that have informed the development of comics. It is arranged thematically rather than chronologically, allowing you to focus on key areas and topics in comics, situating them historically and culturally while developing skills of formal analysis. You will explore themes including censorship and copyright, the growth of fan cultures, the importance of genres in comics history, non-fiction comics, and humour in comics. You will also consider the influence of key creators and international traditions. By adopting a thematic approach, you will be encouraged to develop an understanding and appreciation of comics and their various contexts.

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