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The Best of Look and Learn #1(With thanks to Steve Holland): The first issue of the Look and Learn Company‘s limited run (48 issues) of a magazine made up of the best of the original Look and Learn has just been published and released to subscribers, printed to have the same look and feel as the original.

The Look and Learn company web site is also being extensively developed. “We have a lot more work to do on the website and we’re close to getting the next few fun-packed things up,” editor Steve Holland told downthetubes, “including a massive Q&A section (based partly on the old Look & Learn Book of 1001 Questions) and a blog-style section which will use a wide range of feature material from Look and Learn>.

“After that, I think the next project will be to upload the whole of The Children’s Newspaper, all 46-years worth!
We’ve got a lot more planned for the site — more images, a web-comic, an audio podcast — which will keep us busy for the next six months at least.”

Conceived as a rich miscellany of the original magazine’s wide-ranging contents – spanning history, legend, literature, art, philosophy, nature, science and geography – The Best of Look and Learn showcases the work of the brilliant illustrators and writers who worked on the original magazine during its 20-year history. The magazine also contains a small number of extraordinary comic strips. You can download sample pages from the first issue of the best of Look and Learn (PDF format, at 12MB, they may still take several minutes to download.)

Those with subscriptions will receive a welcome pack, including a facsimile of the first ever issue of Look and Learn complete with its beautiful ‘Where and When’ presentation booklet. This will be followed by 24 issues of the new magazine in calendar 2007, and 24 in 2008.

The annual subscription price for those based in the UK is £29.99, postage included. The price for the full 48 issues is £54.99. Alternatively, you can pay by Direct Debit at a rate of £9.99 per 8 issues.

Gift subscriptions, including a Look and Learn greetings card for you to give or send to the recipient, are available at varying rates to anywhere in the world.

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