Manhwa Galleries, Mixed Media Graduates and Manga Girls…

Starting cross cultural comics month on Resonance FM’s Strip! comic show, Dickon Harris introduces the 100 years of Manhwa exhibition at the London Korean Cultural Centre (see our report, here) and talks to a couple of recent illustration graduates this eveing (Thursday 4th June).

Alex Fitch also interviews a couple of female indie manga creators – Sally Jane Thompson and Kate Holden – at the Docklands Manga Expo and discusses the brutality of nature with Melody Lee, whose comics depict woodland animals in the style of Beatrix Potter but who also shoot and swear like troopers and are, shall we say, not shy when it comes to under the sheets activity!

Sally Jane Thompson is a postgraduate student who grew up in South Africa and was one of the finalists in TokyoPop’s 2007 Rising Stars of Manga Contest.

“Manga was essentially my first exposure to comics that covered a wider range of genres, and showed me how much scope comics have to communicate!” she said in in an interview back in 2008. “So it’s been a fantastic influence, and I’ve learned a lot through it. But I wouldn’t class my work as anything more than manga influenced. As manga has become a more prevalent influence over western comics, there is of course lots of debate over what counts as manga and so on, but I think the more varied influences people have, the better, and I’m glad to see the comics world opening up like this.”

Kate Holden is just one of the team involved in, a grup of people who crate comics with a manga influence. A “freelance sequential artist” and Designer and MA Video Game Design student, her credits include a webcomic called FanDanGo about magical knights in a retro-punk setting (retro-punk being my word for a 1960’s influenced Fantasy world).

• Strip!: Manhwa Galleries, Mixed media Graduates and Manga Girls… will be broadcast at 5.00pm today, 4th June, repeated 11.30pm 7th June on, Resonance 104.4 FM (London). The show will also bestreamed at and extended podcast online at after broadcast…

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