Missing Mousetrap game part, LEGO, Meccano or something else? Help is at hand!

Missing a Mousetrap game part? Don’t worry, help is at hand...

Missing a Mousetrap game part? Don’t worry, help is at hand…

Are you missing parts for board games or other toys this Christmas? Well, good news – it’s actually easier than ever to get replacements for some of them.

Companies such as Hasbro, LEGO, Little Tikes, Orchard Toys and Playmobil, for example, offer replacements for “Missing Parts“, and many other companies too… and for those of you with a hankering to pull down your Bayko or Meccano set from the loft – well, there’s good news on that front, too.

If you’ve lost a vital part of your Mousetrap game for example, makers Hasbro and they will send out a replacement part at £2 an item.

Contact Hasbro through their Customer Services web page; you have to register but they should be able to help with this and other products they make, such as Monopoly and RISK.


For your missing LEGO needs, the company has an official spare parts service here; and there’s a recommended secondhand spare parts website over at bricklink.com. Established in 2013, the Bricklink community has some 1.2 million members, and will become part of LEGO at the end of 2019.

Little Tikes, makers of die-cast vehicles and the “Cosy Coupe” play car range, have a replacement service here.

Missing something from you Llamas in Pyjamas game? Orchard Toys offer a free parts and replacement service here for their games and more.

Playmobil has a comprehensive spares ordering service here for its many construction toys, from its Family Fun Penguin Enclosure to Country Farm.

Lost something from your Sistema lunch box or other product on a bear hunt? The New Zealand company offer replacements here.

But wait! Someone ancient dug out their original Meccano from the loft, didn’t they, thinking to bewilder younger family members with a Christmas engineering challenge?

Original Meccano Set

Original Meccano Set | Via eBayVia eBay

Well, even there, there is support for a missing part required to reconstruct the Forth Bridge or Dan Dare’s Anastasia, over at here meccanospares.com.

Meccano was invented in 1898 by Frank Hornby, also of Hornby Trains fame who patented his ideas in 1901. The number of different parts in the Meccano system has steadily increased over the years, from simple strips and angle girders, to pulleys, wheels, gears and modern plastic parts. Third parties have also added new parts to the system.

Meccano Spares is one of the largest world-wide suppliers of Meccano parts, with stock of over 3800 different items.

In 1913, a very similar construction set to Meccano was introduced in the US under the brand name Erector. Now owned by Spin Master, both brands have joined forces under the global brand name Meccano, offering basic building to high‐tech robotics programming. Find out more at www.meccano.com. Their support page is here.

BAYKO building setBut of course, you’re downthetubes readers, aren’t you? What you really want to know is, how do you get spare parts for your vintage BAYKO building set, don’t you? Well, good news, there’s even help got those of you hankering at having a bash at creating a housing estate with the building model construction toy based on Bakelite plastic and metal components, invented by Charles Plimpton, an early plastics engineer and entrepreneur in Liverpool.

First marketed in Britain, it was soon exported throughout the British Commonwealth and became a worldwide brand between 1934 and 1967. Originally intended as a child’s toy, it now has a worldwide group of grownup enthusiasts.

The BAYKO Collectors Club is a group of people who enjoy the delights of construction and architectural toys in general, and of BAYKO in particular. There’s also a BAYKO Shop at baykoshop.com, offering extra bricks, windows, roofs, bases, floors, rods (of any length), and many other BAYKO parts. Run by an original member of the Collectors Club, they also have pre- and postwar sets and parts.

Missing jigsaw piece?

Take the dog for a walk, it will turn up eventually. Or wait until the charity shops re-open. Every jigsaw known to humankind turns up in those at some point!

Happy Christmas!


You Complete Me Facebook Group BannerMore generally, for everything from best sellers to the more obscure missing items that have gone rogue or been eaten by the family cat, dog or dragon, you could try consulting the You Complete Me Facebook group. It’s a private group, so you need to apply to join, but has close to 1500 members who may be able to offer helpful “Missing Pieces” advice.

With thanks to Mary Freeman and Mary Horesh, who kickstarted this item

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