Monkey Nuts Breakfast Cereal!

Here’s on for those early risers among you!

Word reaches us from the Blink Twice studio (creators of Monkey Nuts! for the new DFC comic) that Lawrence Etherington (“Lorenzo” to some) will be appearing on BBC Breakfast tomorrow (Wednesday 4 June) drawing a comic strip, live from 7.00 am (ish).

“There will be no preparation,” his brother Robin told downthetubes, “Just him, a pencil, a biro, and a lot of sweat!

“If you wish to giggle at his funny face – and, fingers crossed, get a look at some of our artwork for our new series Monkey Nuts! – turn on, tune in and hopefully be amazed!”

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  1. For those of you who missed Lorenzo’s hilarious outing on the Beeb this morning – sat in the corner like a naughty boy, he and brother Robin will be on the Channel 5 news on Wednesday 4 June at 12:30, 5pm and 7pm, in a larger feature all about the new kids comic, the DFC.
    If you wish to giggle at BOTH their funny faces please click turn on, tune in and … watch.

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