Neil Roberts creates Sarah Jane Adventures comic for the BBC

A panel from the BBC’s new online Sarah Jane Adventures comic

The BBC have published a new online Sarah Jane Adventures comic, which is being drawn by Neil Roberts, one of the artists featured in SciFi Art Now.

Sarah Jane Adventures is a spin-off series from Doctor Who, and a new season has just begun to air on the BBC in the UK.

Although published in a web-friendly ‘sliding frame’ the original art, Return of the Krulius has actually been drawn in a standard comic page format. With that in mind, we’re wondering if the BBC will eventually consider publishing a print edition of the new adventure.

Recently interviewed on this blog, Neil reveals comics have always been a source of inspiration for him – of all kinds, from Nutty, Oor Wullie, Victor to Starblazer and Eagle.

“I was really into artists like Ian Kennedy, Gerry Embleton, Mike Noble, Frank Bellamy – although I didn’t know their names at the time,” he says. “I came to 2000AD and American comics quite late, but I instantly loved Dave Gibbons and Colin Wilson’s work.

“In addition to that, I remember in one of the 1980’s Eagle annuals there was an article about how computer games were made and that switched a light on in my head. This was quite an exciting moment for me as a young child, as it was around the time Tron came out and my family had just bought a Commodore 64, so the prospect of using computers to make pictures seemed a very real and exciting idea.”

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