Netflix opens doors to viewers requests for classic shows

Joanna Lumley and David Macullum, the stars of Sapphire and Steel. Image: ITV

Joanna Lumley and David Macullum, the stars of Sapphire and Steel. Image: ITV

Streaming service Netflix has recently launched the means for users to makes requests for shows they want to see on the platform.

we’re sure there are a lot of shows currently on rival services like Amazon Prime that will be at the top of shows “Most Requested”, but what about suggesting some classic British TV? If nothing else, it will have their heads scratching as they try to track down why loads of their British subscribers are requesting the likes of Blake’s 7, Gerry Anderson’s UFO, Fireball XL5, Sapphire and Steel, or really obscure shows such as BBC’s The Changes or ITV’s Children of the Stones!

The Changes. Image: BBC

The Changes. Image: BBC

(Yes, we know you can get these shows on DVD and some on Blu-Ray – links above).

Don’t let this opportunity go by – head over to their request form and enter your top 3… it could make all the difference.

• Request the shows you want to see here:

• Which shows would you like to see on your Tellybox via Netflix? Comment below!

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  1. Funny, Every one told me NETFLIX HAD EVERYTHING. Please, my DVD/BLU-RAY collection at home (350 disks) has more old classic shows and movies than Netflix will ever have. Is there the classic 1979 miniseries Brave New World on Netflix? (Not the bad adaptation made in the 90’s with Leanord Nemoy with old people and murder. That wasn’t the utopian world that Mr. Huxley wrote in his 1936 novel. That’s some TV writer saying, “We have to have murder in it and stuff. Can’t have a 3 hour T.V. show where people are happy all the time.” Duh?) I understand Netflix doesn’t even have all seven Star Trek shows. Crave has all of them!
    Does NETFILX have the entire 1970-1981 Golden Age Of Doctor Who? Nope…But wait I do. On the supposedly dead format DVD. Check Amazon children – IT AIN’T DEAD.

    One day 10 maybe 20 years from now one Streaming service will have everything. All British, Canadian and American movies and television shows. Ahhh, One day. Until then no steaming for me. (Except Crave. That’s done through my Rogers cable bill)

    P.S. To those of you who LOVE classic BBC shows by a good region free DVD player. ($130 CAN at least) DO NOT BUY ONE OF THOSE CHEAP $50 DVD REGION FREE PLAYERS. They will destroy your disks. Some very quickly. Others may take their time. It may take you a year to realize that your new cheap DVD player has been eating your disks.

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