Nun-nuh-Nineteen! New 100% Biodegradable comic out now (warning, contains Zombie Mods and Rockers)

100% Biodegradable Issue 19 - Cover

Issue 19 of of the digital anthology 100% Biodegradable is out now on Drivethru and Comicsy, wrapped within the confines of a crab-tastic wrap around cover by Łukasz Kowalczuk.

100% Biodegradable Issue 19 - Mods vs Mutants

Inside issue 19 of 100% Biodegradable:

• A seaside clash between Mods and Rockers is met with nuclear retaliation in “Mods Versus Mutants” by Dave Hailwood, Neil Bryant and Tony Suleri.

100% Biodegradable Issue 19


• Captain Jerry Kowalski breaks out of the nut house and straight into a sanity-bending military mission in “Off The Reservation” by Chris Sides, Plwoodscomics, Liam O’Connor and Ken Reynolds

100% Biodegradable Issue 19

• An ancient alien life form makes first contact with Scotland’s finest in part five of “Skowdogs” by John Freeman, David Hailwood, Dave Thomson and Ken Reynolds

100% Biodegradable Issue 19

• An obsessive autograph hunter visits hell to seek favour from the devil in “Sam Quadrant” by Shaun Avery and David Snell

100% Biodegradable Issue 19

• A psychotic headless chocolate addicted android assassin takes exception at pushy clients interrupting his cartoon hour in David Hailwood and Dave Thomson’s “Faceless”

100% Biodegradable Issue 19

• The golden age of flight is brought to a swift standstill by a pernickety Traffic Warden in “Fight Or Flight” by David Hailwood and Brett Burbridge

• Issue 19 of 100% Biodegradable is 37 pages, full colour, and available from the following links for just $0.99/69p – DriveThru and Comicsy. A comiXology edition will be released at a later date; in the meantime, previous issues can be purchased here

• You can also check out issues 1-18 on the Comichaus app

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