Horrible Folks anthologies tap into myth with new comic strips

Independence comic creator Douglas Noble (also creator of Pocket Chiller comics and the web comic, The Silent Choir) is promoting his Horrible Folk comics, which feature monologues for a choir of desperate voices concerning older traditions, borders, the geography of faces, travelling ghosts, and the horror of neighbours.

He’s self published a number of these comics, and here’s an intriguing taste of what’s on offer, from Other Horrible Folk, available in print here from Doug’s webshop.

Other Horrible Folk features further monologues for the choir of desperate voices concerning tradition, the choreology of Hell, crafty women, their curses, and the threat of things to come.

The third of the Horrible Folk comics is built out of the faces in the backgrounds of British folk documentaries, and sites sacred and profane from the British landscape. What steps bind the village, and why does it need to be bound? Who teased song from the angry cliffs? Why do the women wait? Horrible Folk points the way.

Get your Horrible Folk by Douglas Noble now from stripforme.bigcartel.com

Douglas Noble is online at strip-for-me.com

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