New Asterix album release date announced

The next new Asterix album will be published on 21st October 2021, offering another big journey for the plucky warrior and friends from ancient Gaul.

Following Asterix and the Picts in 2013, Asterix and the Missing Scroll in 2015, Asterix and the Chariot Race in 2017 and Asterix and the Chieftain’s Daughter in 2019, the double-act of writer Jean-Yves Ferri and artist Didier Conrad will start 2021 perfecting their fifth collaboration, continuing the series that the sorely missed René Goscinny and Albert Uderzo started 60 years ago.

While the release date is some way off, it gives Asterix fans worldwide a great deal to look forward to – and even now, the creators have provided a peek at one page as an appetiser before the banquet they’ll be serving us in October.

Asterix - Teaser - Album 39

As is tradition (they do this every other time, do keep up!), our friends are preparing to set out on a journey for their 39th adventure… and this is confirmed by the druid.

In the teaser page, while our two friends are challenging each other to a game of Gaulish chess, our friend the druid Getafix has nodded off – but he wakes shouting something – but the creative team don’t want to reveal just what, or who just yet! Who on earth disturbed his sleep like that, and why the urgent need to go and help?

So, here are the two big mysteries for the start of 2021: Where are our Gaulish friends going? And more importantly… who on earth is wants to see them?

Neither Jean-Yves Ferri nor Didier Conrad will provide any clues, just yet. Start guessing… or simply wait until October!

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