"New British Comics" Anthology Published

The first issue of New British Comics, an 80-page comics anthology featuring, 13 stories and 17 artists including Dave Thomson, Malcy Duff, Paul O’Connell and Rob Miller has just been published.

The book has been self-published in Poland in two editions by Karol Wisniewski, in English and Polish. “The contents and strips are the same in both editions,,” says Karol. “The only difference is language.

“The project sounds a little crazy, but it worked out just fine,” he adds. “The Polish edition was a huge success and raised more interest in UK Comics. Now, it’s time to present the English edition.

“It doesn’t have a theme, Karol continues. “I’ve gathered great comics from British artists who have trusted me on this crazy idea – and that’s the book’s real theme. They worked hard on their stories and most of them have even made Polish title pages or handmade Polish lettering.

“The idea was simple: why not publish our stories in more than one language?” he explains of the book. “I can speak only Polish and (so-so) English, but I guess that was enough to make this project work, especially with so many friendly hands that helped me.”

He’s been greatly encouraged by how the title has come together. “If I can do this, then anyone can,” he enthuses. “Even if you know only one language you can always ask your friends to help translate your stuff or make new friends. Either way will work. And it’s definitely worth the trouble.”

In addition to the book a Polish website dedicated to comics – www.komiks.nast.pl – has started publishing online British comics (click here for these). The first is Paul O’Connell’s marvellous short “She’s Leaving Home”, recently seen in the UK via ROK Comics, and Karol says more are on the way. “Things are getting quite British here,” Karol laughs.

• More information and sample pages visit: www.polygobooks.com/newbritishcomics

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