New Harker Debuts

You’ll all be pleased to hear that Issue 9 of the fab indie detective series title Harker, from Ariel Press is out now. It’s available from all the usual comic shops (listed here on the offcial blog) and it’s also available directly from the Ariel Press shop here.

This issue follows on from the murder of an unpleasant crime author at a Whitby hotel police detective Harker was staying in. Something smells fishy when a second corpse is washed in on the tide, and Harker is back on the case.

Can he find out how the murderer got away with it? And what dangers lay in the foggy mire? Don’t stray off the path!

The team of writer Roger Gibson and artist Vincent Danks continue to maintain high standards with the issue, and stick to their demanding release schedule for the book, which is helping keep the book in the comic public eye. The next issue due out on 14th December, or slightly before!

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