New Merlin magazine out today in the UK

Merlin Magazine Number One (Attic Media, 2011)

(Updated 19/9/11): Well, here’s a title many people thought should be out there but never thought we’d see: an official Merlin magazine, complete with its own official comic strip.

Children’s Publisher Attic Brand Media launches The Official Merlin Magazine today, 9th September. Retailing at £3.20 per issue in the UK (the magazine is available worldwide from its official web site), it’s the first magazine in the new monthly Futura Specials series from the company, a range which also includes the football-themed posters and puzzles magazine, KiCK! Extra, and the games and entertainment title, Kraze Club.

Attic Brand Media also publishes two monthly magazines, National Geographic Kids (UK) and KiCK!.

Brimming with behind-the-scenes secrets from the new series, we’re told Merlin magazine will feature exclusive cast interviews, souvenir posters and prizes – including a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to meet Merlin actor, Colin Morgan.

“It will be a magical treat for boys and girls aged seven to 14 (and a guilty pleasure for all those Merlin fans who are that little bit older!),” the PR proclaims.

Launched in 2008, the Merlin TV series tells the story of young Merlin in Camelot, as he comes to grips with his powers and destiny. Merlin‘s success and popularity continues to flourish across the globe.

FremantleMedia Enterprises, which has invested in the fifth series of the drama alongside UK broadcaster, BBC One, has now sold Merlin to over 50 broadcasters in more than 180 countries. The fourth series of the fantasy drama will begin in Autumn 2011 on BBC One in the UK. The third series, which was broadcast in winter 2010 pulled in the highest UK ratings for the drama so far, with a weekly average of over six million viewers.

Several publishers have previously pitched for a license for the Magazine, and samples designs and strips materials were created by Interzone illustrator Smuzz for one dummy. But it’s Attic who have grabbed the crown and produced the Magazine.

The new Merlin magazine looks as though it wlll follow the same format as Doctor Who Adventures, published at present by the BBC, with with puzzles, quizzes and competitions and, most importantly for downthetubes fans, an exclusive Merlin comic strip, written by Damian Kelleher and drawn by Lee Carey, whose credits include various strips for Panini UK, including Spider-Man and Friends.

Merlin Magazine Number One (Attic Media, 2011) - Strip, art by Lee Carey

The first issue will come with two high-quality gifts – a Magic Crystal Set and The Great Dragon Glider toy.

Merlin Magazine Number One (Attic Media, 2011) - Free Gifts

“The new magazine will be a fantastic opportunity for fans to get a glimpse into the world of Merlin, while having a lot of fun!” says the show’s executive producer, Johnny Capps.

We wish Attic Brand Media every success with this project – it’s great to see Merlin on our appear on our newsagents shelves at last.

• Official Merlin magazine web site:

• Official website to buy the Merlin magazine:

• BBC Merlin site:

2023 Note: Sadly, Attic Media went out of business in 2011. Titan Magazines would go on to publish three Merlin tie-ins under its “Totally” brand: #4, published in 2010, #19, published in 2011, and #30, published in 2012. The company suggested it was considering an ongoing title, but that never materialised 

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18 replies

  1. I’m very pleased about this. (Any and all opportunities for comic strip creators to find work should be celebrated. Here’s hoping the mag lasts!)

    Matt Badham

  2. Although this went on sale last week, I’ve not actually seen a copy in the shops but I have been sent a copy and it’s great for younger fans of the show. Format wise, it’s similar to Doctor Who Adventures and includes picture-led features on the show, puzzle pages, Things To Do (the magic tricks page is fun) and a short comic strip. I have to say that the Dragon Glider didn’t test very well – our cats were most disappointed by the short flight span. Not tried growing the ‘magic crystals’ yet! At £3.20 it’s on a par price wise with a lot of other bagged comic magazines – I just wish there was more comic strip. But then I would say that!

  3. How on earth do we get Merlin Magazine issue 2? It seems to have completely disappeared

  4. yh i no!!!!!!!! i was looking for issue 2 aswell!!! it said in issue 1 that it came out on the 11th. have been checking since then and nothing….. strange…….

  5. I have also been searching for issue 2 of the magazine. One of the sites I have been to says that it will be released on around the 24th. I hope that this is true because I really want to carry on getting this magazine.