Totally Merlin confuses some fans – and us!

(Updated again – with thanks to our readers): A quick reminder that there is an official Merlin

magazine on sale in the UK in selected supermarkets and newsagents, published by Titan Magazines.

The magazine is being published as Issue 19 of Titan’s ‘Totally’ title, which explains the cover numbering – but contrary to our earlier version of this report, it’s being billed as the second issue of the official Merlin magazine launched by Attic Media, just before that company went into administration.
The whole situation has left some fans – and us! – a bit confused, as Titan have told us this ‘continuation’ is a one-off for now.
Titan published another Merlin tie in like this back in 2010.
The magazine comes with a free sticky Serket, a Merlin keyring and four special badges. There’s also a chance to win Arthur’s gloves, a trip to the set as well as loads of other special prizes, and the magazine also features a Merlin comic strip.
We’ll keep you posted if there is further news on a new ongoing Merlin title.

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