New Starblazer Comic?

As much as we would like to tell you that DC Thomson have published issue 282 of their science fiction digest Starblazer, we can’t. However we can show you artist Graeme Neil Reid’s idea of what the cover of Starblazer issue 282 might have looked like.

Graeme has posted the details of the artwork and his memories of Starblazer on his own blog where he also includes the full version of the illustration since Starblazer covers, like Commando covers today, wrapped around onto the back of the issue. He also includes an illustration of the pencils that he used to create the final version of the art.

The pencil version of the artwork is now available to win on the Scotch Corner art blog. Graeme is offering the original pencils, an A3 print of the finished artwork and several original copies of Starblazer itself as the prize for the February competition on Scotch Corner.

To enter the competition you simply have to go to the Scotch Corner blog and leave a comment about the prize in the competition section. What could be simpler?

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