New UK Spider-Man Comic?

Is Panini about to launch a new Spider-Man comic? As every self-respecting comics fan knows, the company currently publishes several comics for the UK market based on the US Marvel titles, including the hugely successful The Astonishing Spider-Man, Spectacular Spider-Man and Spider-Man and Friends. However, the company’s letter-headed paper, sent out to new subscribers, currently features the logos of all the current Classic Edition titles including Fantastic Four Adventures, Essential X-Men… and Marvel Adventures Spider-Man. Which is of course the title of one of the American Spider-Man comics. Watch this space I guess!

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  1. Hi John,
    A UK edition of Marvel Adventures Spider-Man was scheduled for last year (or the year before) and was even advertised in Previews. However I understand the recession canned it before it was even launched. Possibly a good thing, in case it took sales away from Paninini’s Spectacular Spider-Man and Marvel Heroes which of course contain all-new material.


  2. This was advertised as being a new title last year when Ultimate Spiderman & X-Men was cancelled (the last issue had an ad for it). When it didn’t appear, I rang Panini and was told that it was being put on hold. Maybe it’s old letter-headed paper….or they are resurrecting the idea….

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