Odyssey from Titan Comics – Out On Wednesday

Odyssey Volume 1


This Wednesday – 6th August 2014 – sees the releases of mythological, military superhero adventure, Odyssey Volume 1: History Lesson from Titan Comics, and we’ve got some sneak peek pages to show off.

Written by Dave Elliott (Weirding Willows, Sharky, Monster Massacre) and with art by Garrie Gastonny (Supergod, Caliber, The Vault) and Tony Cypress (The Tourist, Killing Girl, Rodd Racer, Kursk), this pulse-pounding epic shows what it takes to be a super-soldier on the frontlines of a war between cosmic forces.

Neither Angel or Demon can stand upon the face of the Earth – but in the skin of Man, Heaven and Hell have fought an eternal war.

Only one immortal man – Blazing Glory – can protect humankind – and he’s losing his faith in them!

From magical origins to the fall of Hitler’s Germany, to boots on the ground in Afghanistan and war-torn Iraq, from protests on Wall Street to dread secrets in the Oval Office – witness Blazing Glory’s history-changing first steps into a bigger world!

This astounding volume collects the entire pulse-pounding first series, plus a brand-new strip and over 20 pages of all-new bonus content.

See what it takes to be a super-soldier on the frontlines of a war between cosmic forces…

In Odyssey Volume 1: History Lesson, you’ll meet a World War Two hero, out of place and time, on a mission to find God… literally.

Odyssey Volume 1: History Lesson is on sale in comics stores across the UK from 6th August 2014

104pp – FC – HC – 6.625 x 10.25 – $19.99
Writer: Dave Elliott / Artists: Garrie Gastonny, Toby Cypress / Colourist: Sakti Yuwono

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