Northern Ireland Comic Con details

The organisers of 2D, Northern Ireland’s only comics convention at present, have just sent us the first details of their next event in June.

2D – Northern Ireland Comics Festival 2008 runs from 5th – 7th of June and takes place at the Verbal Arts Centre & Sandinos Bar, Derry, Northern Ireland.

Thursday and Friday are devoted to various comic workshops (with some panels on Friday) but
Saturday is an Open Day with signings, sketching, workshops, panels, dealers, exhibition, portfolio reviews and more, all with the aim of celebrating comic book culture, meet comics’ creators and fans, buy cool stuff and generally have a good time…

The entire festival is completely free of charge. Tablespace is also free for all Creators, Dealers, Publishers but is of course limited and will be provided on a first come first served basis.

Guests so far include: artists Garry Leach (Marvelman, Dan Dare, The VCs, The Twelve), Rufus Dayglo (Tank Girl, Metal Gear Solid, 2000ad, Snaked, Gorillaz), Charlie Adlard (Savage, The Walking Dead), Laura Howell (Beano, TOXIC!), Stephen Thompson (Star Wars: Republic, Buckaroo Banzai, Star Trek: New Frontier), Stephen Mooney (Angel, CSI, The Mummy, Strangelands), Nick Roche, Declan Shalvey (Hero Killers, Frankenstein), writer-artists David Hine, (Spawn, Son of M, Daredevil: Redemption, District X, X-Men: Colossus) Bob Byrne (2000AD’s Twisted Tales, Mr Amperduke, The Shiznit, MBleh) and writers Alan Martin (Tank Girl), artist-editor Ilya (Mammoth Book of Manga, Transformers), and Shane Chebsey of Independent Publisher/Editor – Scar Comics.

For more info, email David Campbell at To see pics and website from last year go to and for latest news on the event, check out the blog:
There’s also a 2D forum at

Their new site for 2008 will go live soon.

The 2D team tell us they are constantly looking for ways to improve the 2D Festival, so if you have any ideas for guests, panels, workshops or anything else, please get in touch with them or register with their forum.

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