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The Temple APA is currently looking for contributors to its first Digital Comics Anthology, deadline 1st May 2008.

For those who’ve never heard of the Temple (formerly titled ‘Temple of Heroes’), it’s the UK’s longest running comics anthology, whose membership includes David Hailwood, John Freeman, John Kirkham, Neill Cameron and other comics creators.

The Temple APA is non-exclusive and welcomes artists (that includes writers too) of all shapes and sizes, from amateurs to professionals.

“Contributions should be a maximum of five pages,” says David Hailwood, “with a front cover that contains contact details and a short piece about yourself. (Here’s a link to the full guidelines in PDF format). They should preferably be JPGS, of 150 DPI and 1200 pixels in width (as this’ll help keep the PDF down in size).

“You can either email pages directly to me at or post them on the Temple APA site, once you’ve joined (

“Once a PDF is put together, the plan is to attach it to online forums and other places, so as to get more exposure for the creators work inside,” David explains. “We also we hope to put the PDF onto a CD which will be distributed at conventions. The Temple site will be used to provide critiques on the work, which may help creators to improve or spot mistakes they wouldn’t have otherwise noticed.

“If you have a web comics, feel free to reprint pages as your contribution.”

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