Overstreet Price Guide to Star Wars Collectibles out later this year

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Gemstone Publishing released their 48th edition of The Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide last month – a reference book full of updated US comic book prices, current market reports, new additions to the Overstreet Hall of Fame and a selection of key character anniversaries.

Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide Volume 48This edition also included former DC Comics President and Publisher Paul Levitz highlighting the legacy of Action Comics #1 on its 80th anniversary. The spotlight also is turned on 50th anniversary of Marvel’s fateful 1968 expansion as well as the 50th anniversary of Planet of the Apes and the comics that followed the original feature film.

The Overstreet Guide to Collecting Tabletop GamesWhile Volume 48 proving to be a solid reminder of why the Guide has been the Bible of comic book collectors and dealers since 1970, Gemstone Publishing is also home to a variety of niche reference guides for collectors, including The Overstreet Guide to Collecting Tabletop Games, The Overstreet Guide to Collecting Horror, and The Overstreet Price Guide to Star Wars Collectibles.

Released in June 2018, The Overstreet Guide to Collecting Tabletop Games takes a look at one of the fastest growing categories in the market. This “how to” book is here to provide an in-depth look at this booming hobby from pen-and-paper role-playing experiences to collectible card games, from modules to miniatures, and everything in between.

This guide includes the history of tabletop adventures and other board games as well as a look at what makes them so collectible, plus interviews with veteran industry pros and seasoned collectors alike.

Maintaining the wealth of information with additional features, spotlights, and interviews, The Overstreet Guide to Collecting Horror, released last year, includes a detailed guide for collectors from movie posters to comic books, from toys to video games and beyond!

Covering all things horrific and collectible, this guide features interviews with creators and collectors and is a must-have for anyone looking to expand their knowledge, their insight or their collection.

The Overstreet Price Guide to Star Wars CollectiblesRounding out the year, Gemstone is releasing the ultimate Star Wars guide with The Overstreet Price Guide to Star Wars Collectibles. Since the first film debuted in 1977, Star Wars has dominated the collecting landscape like no other franchise.

With record prices set in world of action figures, and the spirited pursuit of movie posters, comic books, video games, novels and other niches showing no end in sight, the team behind The Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide has turned its attention to The Overstreet Price Guide to Star Wars Collectibles.

In addition to detailed pricing, this volume will be packed with insights and collecting tips from experienced enthusiasts, dealers and more.

You can order these books from your local book or comic shop, and from online stores.

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