Paper Tiger #4 On Sale Now

For those who don’t already know, indie comic Paper Tiger Comix #4, featuring a huge number of British creators is out now, and it’s a wee bit more professional than previous issues.

The format is a high quality 100 page perfect bound book with 21 track music CD compilation, pin badge and 5 colour art cards, which come sealed in a bag.

Contributors (from UK and around the world) include: Lorna Miller, Fiona Smyth, Richard Cowdry, Terry Wiley, Jon Chandler, Paul O’c Connell, Steve Tillotson, Daniel Merlin Goodbrey, Deborah Valentine, Daniel Locke, Julie Klausner, Emanuelle Kabu, Harry Flay, Hurk, Matilda Tristram, Bird, Bunny Mazhari, Sean Duffield, Eriuca Ilcane and many, many more.

The content ranges from Alternative and Underground Comix to Surreal Art and Illustrations. “From witty and humourous to serious and expressive, this volume has a great cross section of strips,” says editor Sean Duffield, who also reveals editing had been a lot tighter with this issue and will be with future volumes.

Feedback to the new issue has been very favourable indeed, and here at downthetubes, John Freeman recommends you support the book. It retails at £6.99 in the shops, but you can be bought for just £5.49 at

Categories: British Comics

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