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It was with sadness that I hear that Peter Tuddenham has died at the age of 88.

He will always be remembered in the British telefantasy community for the voices that he gave to the various computers in Blake’s 7: the imperturbable Zen, main computer on the Liberator in the first three series; the snivelling Slave, main computer on the Scorpio in the fourth series; and the irascible Orac, taking over Orac’s voice duties from Derek Farr for the second, third and fourth series.

He also provided voices in the Doctor Who stories The Ark In Space, The Mask Of Mandragora and Time And The Rani, while he appeared in front of the cameras in such well remembered British series as Tales Of The Unexpected, Only Fools And Horses, Lovejoy and One Foot In The Grave.

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  1. Nice one Jeremy. You may have noticed I have posted several obits down the years: it seems to be a neglected aspect of general fandom that the passing of noteworthy contributors to our favourite genres goes unmarked by the every people who outside of their families remember them best. Thanks

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