In Memoriam: Ralph Titterton

Ralph Titterton

We’re sorry to report the passing of Ralph Titterton, who died on Wednesday, curator of the Barry Gray archive of music, manuscripts and more, alongside his partner Catherine Ford.

“Although not one of the club’s founding members, Ralph was incredibly important during its formative years,” note the Fanderson organisation, “creating Fanderson News, being the club’s liaison with Gerry Anderson and ITC and masterminding much of our early merchandise.”

He was an invaluable help in the creation of the club’s critically-acclaimed soundtrack albums.

Barry Gray Archive

Ralph and Catherine have been associated with the music of Barry Gray since the early 1990’s when they took on the mammoth task of restoring the Gray music archive. Out of that work a whole series of soundtrack CD’s have been produced worldwide for both the fan and commercial markets.

Paying tribute, his friend James Fielding noted “Ralph was brilliant, very supportive in every project and an important figure in the Anderson community.”

James feels that if it wasn’t for Ralph and partner Cathy, “we wouldn’t have the Barry Gray archive preserved the way it is now.”

• Further information about Barry Gray and the Barry Gray Archive can be found at:

An interview with Ralph regarding the Barry Gray archive can be found here

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