Pin Some Words On A Strip! Aces Weekly challenges readers to script a comic…

© 2019 Alejandro Mangiarotti Velasquez coming soon in Aces Weekly Volume 42 from October 28th. Subscribe now and see more when it appears at

© 2019 Alejandro Mangiarotti Velasquez coming soon in Aces Weekly Volume 42 from October 28th. Subscribe now and see more when it appears at

In Week 7 of the digital comics anthology Aces Weekly Volume 41 (just past the title’s seventh birthday), the team are offering you a little party fun! Yes, a competition, like Pin The Tail On The Donkey, except this is Pin Some Words On A Strip! It’s open to all, and there’s a terrific page of art on offer to the winner, the work of Aces Weekly publisher and comics artist David Lloyd.

All you have to do is check out the art from an 11-page silent story of great art from up-and-comer, Alejandro Velasquez, which you can acquire as a PDF by emailing with the subject line: COMPETITION.

Then, after you’ve read the instructions for this Comics Competition that come with the PDF, write a clever (funny/or dramatic/or extremely intelligent/or all three) script for the art – and be in with the chance of winning this stunning art by David Lloyd…

Art by David Lloyd

But wait! This is just one of the prizes for writing the winning script to go with Alejandro’s 11 pages, the other prize being having that script lettered to the final strip, and published in Aces Weekly Volume 42, Week Six on 2nd December 2019!

Write your script in any legible format: i.e. Page 1; panel 1, Caption: whatever; Runner: whatever, etc… No handwritten scripts, please – and let the Aces Weekly team have it, via emailing

“This is all really just a bit of fun,” says David, “but in having that fun you might discover some creative muscles you never thought you had…

“By the way, for any Aces Weekly contributors reading this – you’re barred!”

Aces Weekly, for those who came in late, is a comics art collection of serials and short stories beamed directly to readers through cyberspace. A continuing stream of seven- part volumes – each totalling up to 150 pages with Extras – is yours for just £1 a week, in any currency. All Aces Weekly volumes are instantly accessible to subscribers and are never out-of-print, never unavailable, and are ready to read at any time when connected to the web.

Every volume is packed with strips, and has many pages of Extras, including character sketches, layouts, scripts and background info. New editions appear every Monday of every week of seven weeks, with two-week production breaks between each volume.

Velicity Jones - The Silent ForestAces Weekly Volume 41 features “Velicity Jones” by Lee Robson and Bryan Coyle; “Reflection”  by Jok and Santullo; “The Fixer”by Richard Blandford and Lily Durell; “The Life and Times of Otis P. Mattingly”  by Chris Geary; “Mr Custa: Shrinking!” by Philip Whitmore, Bambos Georgiou and Mychailo Kazybrid; “Brown Bread” by John Kaiine; and “Grace’s Imaginary Menagerie” by Ryan Taylor.

• The closing date  is 11th November 2019. The winner will be announced shortly after via Aces Weekly‘s home page and Facebook page. The Publisher’s decision will be final!

• A subscription to Aces Weekly will cost you £6.99 – or £1 a week | Back Volumes are available here

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