Praise for Madefire’s Digital Comics Debut on Apple TV

The new-look Apple TV is being well received. Image: Apple

The new-look Apple TV is being well received. Image: Apple

We previously reported on the inclusion of a TV-screen friendly version of the Madefire comics on the revamped Apple TV platform, and it’s getting a lot of love from Technology critics on its full debut.

International computer giant Apple – the makers of iPads, iPones and more – announced an App Store for its new Apple TV 4 last month, and its launch partners not only include a lot of games, content readers and video viewers – but a Madefire app to bring comics to your screens, the only digital comics app available with the initial launch.

Naturally, this is a huge deal for Madefire, a company  was founded by artist Liam SharpBen Wolstenholme and Eugene Walden. The winner of Pipedream Comics Digital Comics App of 2014, Madefire delivers an innovative mobile and tablet app with a rich catalogue of new digital comics and Motion Books — the flagship reading experience with added interactivity, sound and motion.

Weekly specials include free comics every Friday and featured day-and-date releases for new comics every Wednesday.

Last revamped in 2012, the new Apple TV4 offers a number of new features, including Siri functionality, an all-new remote, gaming support, and the native Apple TV App Store for downloading and installing third-party apps and games right on the device.

“I never imagined I would get hooked on reading comic books on a TV screen,” comments Brian X. Chen over on the New York Times. ” That changed last week after I picked up a new Apple TV.

“The new device, which is similar to a set-top box and brings video and music from the Internet to a television, now has an app store. So I downloaded Madefire, one of the first apps available for the new device. Madefire adds a twist to digital comics with sound effects, music and motion, bringing the panels to life on the big screen. Within minutes, I was bingeing on a series about Superman turning into a corrupt dictator.”

Read Brian X. Chen’s full New York Times review  of Apple TV and Madefire comics here

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