Redan extends “Bag-O-Fun” line with new BOj title

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Redan Publishing has announced it will release a BOj Bag-O-Fun story and activity magazine early next year, based on the hit pre-school TV show shown on CBeebies that launched last year.

Redan already licences Boj for its hit multi-character titles Fun To Lean Friends and Fun To Learn Favourites, and plans to  a dedicated Boj magazine on 11th February 2016, with a Boj figurine as an incentive.

The series follows the adventures of bilby, Boj – a rare marsupial from the Australian Outback – who has burrowed to Giggly Park with his musical parents Mimi and Pops (voiced by Jason Donovan) where they now live in their simple, quirky underground burrow at the heart of their new neighbourhood. This cosmopolitan community has never seen anything quite like Boj’s family with their joyful back-to-basics lifestyle.

BOj was created by Lewes residents Claire Underwood, David Hodgson and Dave Ingham, and is produced by BAFTA-winning animation company Pesky.

“We are delighted to be publishing a Fun To Learn Boj Bag-O-fun special,” commented Julie Jones, joint MD at Redan. “Since we started including Boj in our multi-character magazines, it’s become clear that not only is the brand a joy to work with, but it’s also proving very popular with our readers.

“His strong, distinctive style and his inspirational Boj-a-boom ideas for making, baking, drawing, creating, crafting and recycling lend themselves very well to a magazine special. We expect it to fly off the shelves.”

David Hodgson, producer and co-creator of Boj, added: “We have suspected for some time that Boj was really starting to connect with young children in a very special way, but to have this clear proof from the readers of Fun To Learn Friends is wonderful.

“It’s going to be such a joy working with our friends at Redan to come up with so many Boj stories and activities to keep all of his fans amused in our very own fun-filled Boj magazine.”

• Boj Bag-O-fun magazine including Boj gifts will be available from 11th February 2016

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